Hoxton Cafe Project
1963 - 1969
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Derek Shuttleworth.

Nancy Amphoux.

Glen Thompson.

Barrie Biven.


Hyla Holden.

Court Reports.


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Van boy confessed to EDITED.jpg
youth of 17 denies four shooting charges Edited.jpg
Confessed to Police Edited.jpg
gang girls in street attack.jpg
School boys part in radios theft EDITED.jpg

Reports from the Courts

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Names blanked out as I didn’t

think it was fair after all this time

Between 1964 - 1966 ?

Girls good influence on youth EDITED.jpg
accused of ring and bracelet theft Edited.jpg
Teenage battle in a city cafe.jpg
teenage gang girls hunted after attack.jpg

These Clippings were given to me by Barrie Biven