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1911 - 1997


· Mashams is a remarkable fourteenth century timber-framed hall house. It has been the home of Derek Shuttleworth for over 70 years. In 1992, its ownership was transferred to a Charitable Trust so that the building and garden might always be used as an educational resource for children, and be preserved as an example of this rare type of building.
In this booklet, the building, its construction and use are explained by Anne Padfield, an expert on timber-framed buildings in Essex. Derek Shuttleworth tells us something of his life during the seven decades he has known Mashams. This is followed by James Collins’ account of the changes that have affected the surrounding farming community. James is a local farmer. The colourful history of the area is covered by Patrick Streeter’s account of Otes Manor, the last home of the philosopher, John Locke, who is buried in High Laver Churchyard. Patrick is Chairman of the Lavers Local History Society.
It is hoped you will find these accounts of interest.

· Read The Mashams Trust Book HERE

· In August 2007 I took a trip to Mashams in Ongar, it was the first time I had been
back there in nearly forty years. The area had changed it was not so isolated as it was in the 60's but the house looked the same the front garden had been fenced off and there was flower beds were I can remember grass. Unfortunately there was no one at home when I was there so was not able to speak to the new owners, maybe another day.

· The Mashams trust sadly no longer exists, This is an article which appeared in a local newspaper in 2004.

· Future of Mashams in doubt

From the archive, first published Thursday 29th Jan 2004.
The future of a historic 14th Century house in High Laver is in doubt following a split among the trustees charged with maintaining it.
Mashams, a beautiful timber-framed medieval hall house which until 1998 was the home of Derek Shuttleworth, has been the responsibility of a group of local trustees since it became a registered charity in 1992.
The charity was put in place to safeguard Mr Shuttleworth's dying wish that the house, which was his home for 70 years, should remain open and free for schoolchildren to visit to learn from its unique history.
However, a drop in the number of school visits has forced trustees to look at selling the house and using their resources in other ways.
Mashams trustee Patrick Streeter has been fighting to keep the house open and says a private sale would be "a tragedy". He said: "I fear we may have come to the end of the line with our attempts to save Mashams. This is a tragedy as a unique house, together with its garden and contents will be lost forever."
Mr Streeter had hoped the house would remain in the hands of the charity and feels more could be done to attract local schools to visit the historic site. "We've got a £130,000 endowment" he said. "There are people who are willing to be new trustees - all we need to do is advertise for a new curator then there's no reason why it can't continue as Mr Shuttleworth wanted it to."
The Charity Commission has given the trustees permission to sell the house because of the lack of school visits and their plans to use the money raised to give educational grants to underprivileged children.
Trust secretary Graham Cass said the majority of the trustees firmly believed that "far more good" could be done by selling the house.

· Derek Shuttleworth and Mashams

Memoir by Patrick Streeter


· In this memoir it is hoped to catch on paper the extraordinary character of Derek Shuttleworth, and to describe his background and family so that the reader might understand a little of the man and how he came to found the Masham’s project.


· Read the Memoir HERE 





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I received an Email from a Martin Bird who in his own words told me.

“I am editing a book on the friendship between the Edward Speyers of Ridgehurst, Shenley, and the composer Edward Elgar, for publication in 2019.

On his visits to Ridgehurst Elgar got to know Derek Shuttleworth, and one letter from Derek to Elgar survives, which I attach.”

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